About us

The gearboxes offered by our company are subject to a complete regeneration process and not, as is the case with many other suppliers who only perform partial regeneration, often on used spare parts.

Therefore, the gearbox purchased in our company is again as it is in the factory condition and is of the highest quality, as we use new spare parts from renowned suppliers such as FAG, INA, SKF, Timken for the regeneration process.

Reconditioned gearbox is sold only in exchange for your damaged gearbox. The most advantageous option is if your gearbox is disassembled and ready to be picked up upon delivery of a new one, then you save yourself the costs of returning the damaged gearbox and do not have to pay a deposit.

Gearboxes are delivered as “dry”, i.e. not filled with gear oil. A defective replacement gearbox must also be emptied of the oil.